Congreso Mundial de Medicina Familiar

Falta poco para el Congreso Mundial de Medicina Familiar – Praga 2013 y su PreCongreso de Medicos Familiares jóvenes comience. Aún hay tiempo para inscribirse a tarifas rebajadas, y para enviar abstracts para una participación activa.

Hasta hoy existe un plazo además para concursar para una beca para médicos mujeres jóvenes para participar del Congreso y PreCongreso. A continuación detalles para la postulación.

WWPWFM  announces  bursaries to enable women family physicians to attend  the Wonca World Conference in Prague (25- 29 June) and the WWPWFM preconference on Tuesday 25 June.

The WWPWFM is pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for 8 bursaries of $1000 (US) each to attend the conference and the preconference day. We aim that half these bursaries will be given to young/new family doctors, (‘young/new’ is defined as family practice/general practice residents, registrars or those within 5 years of practice), divided among the Wonca regions.

These bursaries are for women family doctors. Each bursary is for $1000 (US). Reimbursement will occur through submission of original receipts only.

This is a time limited opportunity. Applications due on or before 28 April 2013.  The bursaries will be awarded through a competitive process:

To apply, each applicant must submit a curriculum vitae and an essay of not more than 250 words.  The essay must  explain who they are, why they are interested in attending the WWPWFM activities,  how the work of the WWPWFM relates to their professional and personal lives  and evidence of participation and /or leadership in their national GP/family organisation.  We expect recipients to take an active role in promoting the aims and work of  WWPWFM on their return.
Each applicant must include a letter of support from a colleague active in Wonca or WWPWFM, and must be able to attend the entire conference period, including the  preconference day on Tuesday June 25.

The following experiences will be definite assets in consideration of applications for a bursary:

Previous participation in WWPWFM activities; and/or
Evidence of local or national leadership in general practice/family medicine  organization, including  a training organisation; and/or
Evidence of experience in women’s health issues; and/or
Evidence of experience with promoting gender equity .

Please submit  the curriculum vitae and essay and letter of support to:
Dr Amanda Barnard,
Chair of the WWPWFM
Email address

Thank you and we hope to receive your application on or before April 28 2013.Successful recipients will be determined by the WWPWFM Executive Committee and announced soon after the deadline for submission.

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